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Names Bryony, I was at university in Swansea. But I failed. Now studying to be a diagnostic radiographer Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

a vector my friend cat did for me a little while ago
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» The nicest thing someone's ever done for me

I've spent the last hour
trying to think of something nice that someones done for me, but the most I can think is someones given me some weed or brought me a sublime cd.
The nicest thing someones said to me this week
"you'd make a pretty whore"

I'm starting to think I should raise my expectations slightly.
(Thu 2nd Oct 2008, 22:54, More)

» Missing body parts

my mate a few years ago decided he wanted a nipple pierced, so thought "bollocks to paying £25" i'll use that freezing spray and do it myself"
fecking idiot.
he's now missing the sticky out bit of his nipple.
fell clean off
(Tue 6th Jun 2006, 20:06, More)

» Missing body parts

not me
..but a friends brother.
home made bomb.
blew off middle finger and the one next to it...(not index the other one)
now looks like he's making the rock sign all the time ^.^
(Mon 5th Jun 2006, 17:46, More)

» Will you go out with me?

I wouldn't say I'm exactly stunning, but I don't think I'm a complete munter either but the judges are still out on that one. So any relationships I've had in the past have been few and far between.

However, one or two stick out in the mind.

cnutface for example.
One fateful evening, I decided to pop down to the local rock pub - now a bloody carvery =[ - to see a band or two with a friend. About an hour of being there and slightly tipsy already which wasn't too hard considering I was a few months shy of 17 and still a lightweight - still am even after a few nights of stomach hardening drinking at uni.

Then I notice my cousin has popped in with a few of her mates - most of whom I'd never met before, so go over to sit with them have a few more drinks. cnutface (CF) was one of the aforementioned people I'd never met, he seemed nice and to my slightly addled brain quite attractive too (Although in retrospect he rather looks like a chubby bulldog whose caught his face in a stapler - nothing against piercing infact rather like them especially my own nape piercing, but to date I believe he still has 13 piercings in his face and ears alone) and at 25 my 17 year old mind went "oooh older man, yay". And later that night went back to a mutual friends house, to smoke a few joints and where I was to be introduced to sambuca -still a bad idea. Ended up drunkenly chatting, then fell asleep between CF and dave. All going fine, then drunkenly got up to go to the bathroom, and proceeded to accidently kick him in the face (I can now see one of the reasons I rarely am in a relationship) and dave as well.

He finally asked me out a few days later round at his house, after a large quantity of rum and quite a few spliff (alcohol and weed tended to play a large part in that relationship) and I ended up staying at his. Not the best drunken plan I've had, as my mother freaked and phoned everyone I knew at 4am to find out where I was.

Three months later, and the appeal of the older man has passed in to realising that he's rather ugly, rather clingy, rather weird - even for my tastes - and talks far too much crap. Cue my birthday, complete with proposal with a lovely £40 ring from argos complete with a ticket to see one of my favourite ska bands at the time a few days later. Decided to tell him to keep on the ring -as he knew I was very good at losing things, go to the gig (hiding from him all night then proceeding to run away hoping he wouldn't catch the train) and then gently let him down.

The last guy I went out with, I knew from work - which was lovely to find one day a very good looking guy looking manly lifting bags of compost around all day - it made me happy. One day when he got the call that there was a house party going on that night, he was just going off break whilst I had about five minutes left, see him walk round the corner, pull out a coin (he was behind a wendyhouse with windows so i could see ) flip a coin, walk back and ask me out. Turned out to be a good seven months.

Not technically asking out but:
Best Chatup Line Recieved
"I know you're not Sarah but will you get off with me"
Cue look of incredulity and telling him to piss off followed quickly
(Mon 1st Sep 2008, 2:35, More)

» Pet Stories

one more before sleep
my friend has two bichon-frises millie and charlie
charlie is a lovely old dog, who once given the chance ate a large proportion of a box of quality street wrappers and all

a few days later he was seen to be walking along with a piece of pink cellophane poking out of his bottom.
(Tue 12th Jun 2007, 1:18, More)
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