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» Shame

i've done a few (bullshit) stupid things in my time and most i'd don't want to repeast....

okay around last christmas i believe me and my boys whent out...
to trash decorations...
okay not to proud... but come on it is a little bit funny...

Shut up!
(Mon 28th Nov 2005, 18:33, More)

» Putting the Fun in Funeral

i can only remember being at two no three
funerals so no biggy.

the first i was way to young for it to phase me what so ever, it was my greatGrandfather, cool guy from what i can remember.

second. okay i understand death and i felt a bit sad but i didn't even know that this woman was alive let alone how she was related to me, so after the funeral i watched "the craft"

now the last funeral i went to i did cry at and i openly admit it.
this time it was my GreatGrandmother, the first guys wife. nice old senile lady i loved her even though she could not remember who the hell i was. but at the funeral i didn't start cryingt ill my father went up to give his speach this killed me of course. i was gone before his first tear hit the ground.
what i did not need was to have to go carry the heavy ass casket. those things are bitches man. so i'm half crying have wimpering from the pain in my left arm.
all in all my sister's then boyfriend is just daft as hell. wondering how we know thing have nutriances..... the guy was a freakin chef.
(Fri 12th May 2006, 2:10, More)

» Have you ever paid for sex?

lols nubs
nope never had to, i get mine for free.....

that reminds em i gotta go to the local CVS again, gotta stock up
(Thu 19th Jan 2006, 13:36, More)

» It's not me, it's the drugs talking

okay okay. where to start.....
got some acid (first and only time so far)
got some acid from dude but the only thing is no one could do anything so i was stuck in my room got bored and desided to try it.
so i let it desolve put in animal house fucking awsome then hackers OMFG HEAVEN.

hey I enjoyed my self.
(Thu 15th Dec 2005, 23:12, More)

» Birthdays

so since my birth day is always around thanksgiving, i have never had a cake for my big O' B day. i've always had pumpkin pie.
(Fri 9th Dec 2005, 18:42, More)
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