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» Your Weirdest Teacher

the end of mr Jeffrey
Mr Jeffrey was the strangest of men for a host of reasons, not least for his almost lucozade orange hair and unfathomable classroom habit of randomly saying 'who's a fuckdidoodle?' in his chirpy voice in between chemistry-related sentences. after the initial bewilderment and amusement, members of the class took to answering with the names of various unpopular classmates, and Mr Jeffrey would simply ignore the reply, even when given in unison by several loud voices.

One day, it was decreed that whenever the question 'who's a fuckdedoodle' next arose, we would all stand up and scream 'You Sir!' and see what would happen.

Came the lesson, and sure enough came the question. We shouted the words, and in the stunned silence that followed, Mr Jeffrey closed his eyes, and solemnly opened his trousers to produce a small penis. Quickly tucking it back in he nodded, walked out the classroom, got in his car and never came back.
(Tue 15th Nov 2005, 15:02, More)