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Hello, I'm going to exterminate you all, but very nicely.

Why not visit my blog at dom.blog? I mean, if you want to. Up to you.

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Crazy Christians
I went along with a school friend to Hillsong church once. It's an Australian thing but they use the Dominion Theatre in London on Sundays. As a pretty strong atheist I went along with the intent to observe brain-washing in action but had a mixture of curiosity and fear... would they let me leave?!

Sitting in the second or third row in a packed theatre and suddenly everyone gets up and starts 'praying' like this: jumping up and down with their arms outstretched while 'Christian rock' blasts out from the three giant video screens, speakers, and yes - live performances. It's like being at a pop concert except you're being sold Jesus rather than Busted.

As I sat there for the sermon I started to worry that the charismatic guy on stage might actually mush out my brain so much that I'd start believing it. My trick - picture an empty room with water gushing from a hole in the ceiling through to a hole in the floor. The water was his speech going quickly through the room (my mind) and out again. I'm aware that sounds a little mad, but it was better than being drawn into the cult that is Hillsong church.
(Thu 26th Jan 2006, 19:24, More)