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I like pickled onion monster munch

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I was awarded this

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Image by Sticky Label

For the for most entertaining resemblance at the 3pm draw off of Cthuhlu for my Play Doh Cthuhlu

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And the most amazingly talented fantastic HappyToast zombiefied me woohoo

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This is me as one of the b3ta dolls (twin of Chorizowagon) as done by the brilliant BBB

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And BBB made me into a sexy nun after hearing about my Catholicness

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This is about the level of my drawing skills

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You can find the rest of the drawings of Bubba life here

This is how many people have come for a nosy at me for unknown reasons
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» Awesome Sickies

Does school count?
Never being a regular atendee I could always wangle a day off if my dad went to work early as my mum was so soft she'd believe me everytime I said I was ill, after about 2 weeks of me not going my dad drove me to school and sat in his car outside the main gates till about 11am so I had to stay, now I felt really really ill (for once) and had to be sent to the nurses office as I went green and vommed all over the I.T room. So school rings my mum who rings the docs and gets me an appointment, doc thinks I'm pregnant, my dad had come to collect me from the doctors and being from a huge catholic family he can spot pregnancy a mile off and guessed what it was when he saw me go to the loo with a sample pot. In the car home my 'I told you I was ill you tight arse' didnt quite beat his 'there goes your life, well done'

me and my dad are still very close and he's a great grandad plus I passed all my GCSE's just to prove a point to him
(Fri 9th Jun 2006, 9:25, More)

» Barred

Both the times I got barred included pool tables, first time me and my friend got barred for going to the pub two nights in a row and taking 4 hours one night and 3 hours the next night to finish a game of pool, and barred from the same pub by the new landlords for dancing on said pool table after winning (finally) a two and a half hour game of pool. My name is still up behind the bar of people not to serve four years later, and I'm still that shit at pool.
(Sun 3rd Sep 2006, 17:41, More)