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» School Sports Day

Triple Jump
I ran, I jumped ... and landed on my face ... without even reaching the bloody sandpit! Clearly the shame and humiliations in front of the school chums was painful BUT the real emotional scars were provided when I rolled over to check the reaction of my monstrous PE teacher only to be greeted with a clear line of sight straight up his almost obscenely short shorts which provided young Undercovers with a view of his strange and massively distended balls
(Wed 5th Apr 2006, 1:12, More)

» School fights

basically a good student...
… is how I was described in my reports of the time, and it was true I never EVER had a detention, never suspended in fact nothing more than a stern clicking off when ever things went wrong … but my finest example of avoiding trouble (and the only fight I have ever come out best in) happened when is was 15ish, I was having girlfriend trouble (which at the time probably meant Nina(?) hadn’t let me grope her that lunch break or something equally serious) BUT this retard in my class questions my masculinity and pulling ability!!!! The insult could not go unanswered – a leaped over my desk ran at the offending individual as he continued to laugh and smacked him with all my force OR that’s what people think happened actually I only just connected as victim of attack very quickly pulled head away from fist in a very impressive dodge – or a dodge that would have been very impressive had it not brought his head into contact with the corner of a wall! Anyway he starts dropping towards me – mistaking the glazed eyes of one losing conscousness for one lost in a world of rage I think this is some cunning counterattack so get a quick punch to his temple - as he falls past me… out cold on the classroom floor… then the teacher walks in – and then I try very hard to explain how this isn’t want it clearly is… (got away with it though as I implied I was being beaten at home and suffering mental anguish or some such thing, loving parents then received funny looks at all subsequent parent teacher meetings but I avoided a detention - so result)
(Mon 13th Mar 2006, 17:33, More)