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» Dentists

I preferred being my own dentist
When I was a kid, if I got any loose teeth, I would keep twisiting and pulling the second it got loose , usually with a fair amount of pain and blood. Also never had any fillings and haven't been to the dentist in years. I agree with woodchopper.
(Thu 2nd Nov 2006, 16:25, More)

» The Worst Journey in the World

Longest Trip Home
I was heading to Germany for work, getting off the plane I tripped and fell on my knee. Thinking I had bruised went to work for the day but got it x-rayed later that evening as it was bloody painful to bend. Knee cap broken, full leg cast for 6 weeks. Not only that but I had to give myself Heprin(blood thinning) injections twice a day for 2 weeks because I was flying.

Call Airline to arrange flights home, need medical clearance, which they get. 2 hours before the flight is to leave they call to say they won't take me in my current medical condition. No other flights can be booked over weekend. So finally a week after I break my knee I get to ride an ambulance for 2 hours to Frankfurt to get a direct flight home.
On the plus side got driven around the airport in a golf cart.
(Mon 11th Sep 2006, 15:48, More)