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Hello, I'm a snowboarder, and thats about it.
I'm making a UK artifical slope snowboard and ski movie, which will be avalible through snowboardclub UK
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Last years Film, Cuming

Cuming, Full Movie.

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Reading 2000
Daphnie and Celeste decided to play the main stage. This was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Holding a huge home made banner reading FUCK OFF!, right at the front, bottles of piss flying over my head onto the stage, the brave girls got through one entire song. Thge next thing I saw wasa flare fly over head onto the stage, which resulted in security coming on stage and pulling them off.
If they'd played a few more minutes we'd of had the barrier at the front down and invaded the stage.
This is the closest I have ever found my self to a riot. And my voice has never truly healed after all the abuse I shouted.
(Mon 10th Apr 2006, 16:41, More)