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» The Dirty Secrets of Your Trade

re: KFC
I can't believe I'm defending KFC, but your *mum* makes gravy with the burnt bits after a roast too. Chicken fryers (high pressure, deep oil) drop and strain their oil every three fries. At least if you're a diligent cook.

And I never cooked a tumour, not in three years, sonnyjim.

I did hear about a guy who filled one of the fryers with water (to clean it), heated it (fine) and then put the lid on (getting bad) before trying to wrench the pressure-locked handle open (pretty bad). Was blown 25 feet across the room.
(Thu 27th Sep 2007, 21:56, More)

» Awesome Sickies

I used to work in KFC. For three years. Which is about three years too many.

Came into work after a long weekend and really wasn't up to the boiling grease and stench of fried chicken. I dropped something into a fryer which splashed a little oil onto my cheek, which was plenty hot enough to make me yelp. I went to the loo to wash it off.

My cheek was a little red, but that wouldn't do. So I collected salt and pepper (mm, colonel's secret recipe) from the hem of my trousers, and rubbed it into my eye. Then washed it with hot, then cold, then hot water again until my eye swelled up nastily and started to tear.

Got two days off, it looked so bad.
(Fri 9th Jun 2006, 15:47, More)