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» Going Too Far

one lad in halls at uni
he was an asian lad built like a brick shithouse and like most asians alcohol affected him far more than most due to the fact they haven't been drinking it in the quantities we have for generations so haven't built up a tolerance so things were bound to get messy.

Several times he managed to set the fire alarm off from drunken cooking (nothing major I know as I managed to do it in the first week there) but one of the times he couldn't find his frying pan so was cooking chicken straight on the hob.......
(just to set the scene of what may happen)

2 major times he went over the top that i can remember

1. for some reason flat 2 (next to ours) didn't get on with our flat all that well cos of noise issues and the many fire alarms we caused, etc etc, so one night this lad decides that he's had enough of them and goes up to write on their front door "You C*NTS" or something similar (i forget what) whilst they are out clubbing. now this may not sound all that bad but considering that his ink of choice was his own faeces it really really really was. On the way back into our flat however he then managed to fall over in our corridor spilling the pint glass he had used as an ink pot onto the floor meaning that it didn't only smell outside our front door but also all throughout our section of halls. Way over the line there (you could tell from the way flat 2 rang our doorbell when they got home - there was vengeance in that pressing)

2. The Final straw - One night, drunken antics after a night out as per usual but someone has managed to turn the hob on and a pizza box left on top of it which starts to smoke and sets the fire alarm off (culprit still unknown but guess who I blame). so the whole block of flats marches outside. following a fight between some of my flatmates and some other people who they had 'bumped into' previously in the night we finally were allowed back into the flat after ascertaining that no-one knew who had turned the hobs on etc (this was also during a fire fighter strike so we're lucky the army fire fighters didn't turn up instead). Once everyone got back inside me and 3 of my other flatmates were standing outside talking to the security with another one on the phone in his room and the Asian lad unaccounted for. Then the fire alarm goes off again. and once that was sorted it went off one more time by which time it was about 4am and no-one evacuated the building. Then whilst we were all trying to sleep at last our fire detector was changed which stopped all the alarms

Later when called into the halls office to discuss the night we were shown the fire detector and it appears that someone had tried to set fire to it with an aerosol can and a lighter. This appeared to be the cause for the 2nd alarm and subsequent alarms were because it was bust. Since everyone else from the flat was accounted for it couldn't have been anyone else but the asian lad but he never admitted it.

Eventually we got him kicked out of our flat and things returned to relative normality (for first year students anyway)

I think there were far more incidents I can't remember about (including him hitting a girl and then a bouncer in a night club getting himself banned) but he definitely went too far too many times.
(Fri 10th Nov 2006, 17:57, More)

» The Police II

a ruined day out
I was going to a daytime outdoor festival within London with big name DJs headlining it. My girlfriend (now wife) and her friend had spare tickets as they'd won some competition for VIP or something. My girlfriends friend was being a royal pain in the arse, accusing me of being slow and late when she was the one who made them an hour late.

One of their friends who had met up before hand, not planning on going in decided to buy all 3 of their spare tickets. Because of this 'friend' annoying everyone I decided to placate her and say that I'll go with their friend to the cash machine for the cash for the tickets and we'll meet them inside the festival. As we left them I turned to this friend of a friend I didn't know to confirm the price and suddenly a police van stopped across the road and this burly sergeant ran over barking questions at us about what I was selling, blah blah blah.
I told the honest truth that my girlfriend and friend had gone in and I was going with their friend to sell their tickets. The police sergeant was more intent on telling me what he thought had happened than listening to me and refused to call up my girlfriend to corroborate my story.

I then was told I was being arrested for ticket touting and taken off to their van and within a few minutes the friend of a friend was arrested for possession, which apparently automatically meant that I was a suspect for that as well. However at no point was I handcuffed or read my rights.

An hour later and we were at the police control point for the event, they searched me and found nowt, confiscated the 3 spare tickets and my own and sent me home.

On getting home I found out that it was in no way illegal to ticket tout at a music event to top the bad treatment and bullheadedness of the police sergeant. I put in a call to the police complaints commision, met the Superintendent for police control at the event the following monday, where I presented him a letter complaining about my treatment and that I was unlawfully detained and treated like a common criminal when I'd done nothing illegal at all.

9 months later the police sergeant got a talking to (and from what was read to him it wasn't harsh enough) and I got a compensation cheque which covered the tickets price and a bit more, which was nice..............
(Sun 8th May 2011, 11:34, More)