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Well, I felt it about time I started de-lurking around here, so with that in mind - *steps out of the bushes, removes balaclava. clears throat to get attention* hello!

Im a bored and currently unemployed 22 year old English graduate with too much time on his hands and worryingly little talent to fill it with. Hopefully that will all change soon and i'll be swept off my feet by a tide of creative juices (note to self: make metaphors less visually disgusting) and i'll suddenly be lauded as the next big thing since the last big thing (which was possibly King Kong, or the dinosaurs) but this seems unlikely.

I am the worlds worst shoppper (photo, not real life, although I'm too frugal and poor to get any practice at the in-the-shops shopping anyway) so I dont envisage many front pages coming my way... or even picture posts... perhaps the odd woo and furtive yay here and there are as far as i'll stretch, but keep your eyes peeled for me.

Until next time, which will possibly be after another year or so of lurkage,

(Actually, little bit of a mini-update, given that I'm now 25, working for The Man at Shell, and no longer poor. My amibition is now to meet The Man and find out why my working for him should matter so much to me. or him. or my mum)

Marsh (or Mike. feel free)

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» Messing with the Dark Side

Messing with the Dark side...
On a recent exploration trip to the moon, a friend and me were walking over the atmposphere-bereft rock when all of a sudden it became incredibly cold... you see the moon had rotated until we were no longer able to see the sun... how we laughed!
(Wed 26th Apr 2006, 15:19, More)