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(Sun 30th Oct 2016, 13:11, More)

A concrete dispute.

(Fri 10th Apr 2015, 10:06, More)

Okay, this took more effort than the quality of the joke merits.

Edit: Holy shit, FP and I forgot to draw the horse's shadow :O
(Mon 23rd Mar 2015, 20:49, More)

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» Neighbours

Ah, neighbours...
I've mostly been quite lucky with neighbours, but not in this particular instance. While I don't live in the UK, it is one of my favourite countries to go on holiday. A few years ago, I booked a holiday at a charming, scenic camping pitch in the West Midlands region. After having set everything up, and seeing no other campers were around to ask, I decided to go check out the surrounding area by myself. When I returned, I was quite taken aback to find both of my neighbouring campers sat atop their fabric homes whilst rubbing their penises. As they did not seem intent on stopping even though they were clearly in my view, and I did not want to spend another minute near these masturbatung weirdos, I quickly packed my stuff and left.

That was the last time I've booked a holiday in Stroke-on-Tent.
(Sun 4th Oct 2009, 22:51, More)