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Inventor of the "Corridor Rave"

Can be described as a typical lazy student who'd rather drink than go to lectures.

I study chemistry at leeds if you really want to know.

Affectionatly known as 'Pisshead' 'Darth Bowels' among other fantastic non-alcohol induced names.

Oh and wonderbrawl, dont leave yourself logged in on my computer to b3ta, your perceived sexuality maybe slightly blurred after.

You love it really.

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» Airport Stories

Oh Dear
Well this story might be a repost, if a fellow b3tan hasn't already posted it.
Heck i'll tell it anyway.

Me and friends, were going on a lads holiday to sunny, warm, guinness laden dublin (fantastic you might say, which it was).

Bearing in mind the date we travelled on this wonderous journey was 14/7 last year. Yes one week after the bombings in london.
So we get off the plane at 11:59 and take a walk to the terminal. What we didnt know being generally loud teenage lads was that on the plane they did announcement for a two minute silence for the bombing victims at 12:00.

You can see where this is going cant you?

Well anyway, arriving to the terminal we notice that its quiet and noone is moving. So my friend Tim shouts "Jesus christ!, its like a fucking funeral precession in here."
Quick as a flash my next friend comes into the terminal then shouts "Have they not heard of fast-tracking round here?".

A little old lady tugs on my jacket and quietly explains why noone is moving and its quiet.
"Oh" says i.

I could of died.
(Fri 3rd Mar 2006, 12:37, More)

» Worst Nicknames Ever

Just wrong.
One of my friends is a rather large, blonde bloke. (think albino and your almost there)

For some very unknown reason, his nickname became 'cameltoe'. Very wrong must i add.

Yet the naive git didnt know what it meant. He'd walk around the pub shouting "Ah ha! The cameltoe has just beaten you!", jumping up and down and pointing. He'd not realise that almost the entire pub would be looking at him.

My how i'd hate to lose against cameltoe, just for the signature dance.

(We've told him what it means now, but still he thinks its a great nickname and still decides to call himself it regliously)
(Thu 18th May 2006, 16:28, More)

» The Weird Kid In Class

Where do i start
Back in high school we were fortunate to have a slightly dim, very overweight and hideous 'girl'.

I seem to remember one day in sixth form she got up in front of the class and ran to the front and started banging her head against the wall shouting "THE VOICES! ARGH!".

Happy times.
(Wed 24th Jan 2007, 11:50, More)

» Beautiful but Bonkers

More bonkers than beautiful i'm afraid, perpetually dim and guillible. Unfortunatley i decided it would be a good idea to go out with said girl.

One time when watching football with my friends, someone scored and she shrieked "He's done it!", then action replay comes on and she blurts out "Oh my god!, he's done it again!".

She also believed fairys lived in the long grass at the bottom of her garden, we were 16 at the time...
(Wed 22nd Nov 2006, 15:42, More)

» Ignoring Instructions

Going shopping for a party with my mum one time in a supermarket.

Finally got to the cake section and i pick up a tiramisu, turn it over and noticed the warning not to turn upside down on the underside.

How was i supposed to know?

You may of heard about it, and i saw it. Yay.

Obligatory length/girth.
(Tue 9th May 2006, 16:04, More)
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