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play warm a kitten

play dress your gaydog

turn up your speakers!!

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latest from the Mars Spirit Probe

(Mon 5th Jan 2004, 8:23, More)

VW last dragracer

(Wed 28th May 2003, 12:23, More)

they only meant to let a little bit out

(Fri 11th Oct 2002, 14:05, More)

No-one stood a chance when Kitty the Kid walked into town

(Tue 8th Oct 2002, 13:09, More)

he just wanted to sing and dance

(Thu 3rd Oct 2002, 14:32, More)

a healthy kitten is a fit kitten

does your kitten jog?
(Thu 29th Aug 2002, 13:23, More)

Horse hurling Champion of the World

(Thu 25th Jul 2002, 13:28, More)

YAY 1000th POST in archive 2000

see ya.
breel out. bye
(Wed 17th Jul 2002, 7:33, More)

the office chincilla problem

(Mon 1st Jul 2002, 12:47, More)

cuppa bunny please

(Thu 20th Jun 2002, 12:58, More)

making naked kittens of the world snug

(Sun 16th Jun 2002, 22:37, More)

bad boy turkey

(Fri 14th Jun 2002, 9:50, More)

bug no scary now. He be snug.

(Thu 13th Jun 2002, 22:09, More)

bad boy chicks rock da house

(Tue 11th Jun 2002, 13:48, More)


(Thu 6th Jun 2002, 13:08, More)

it was too late
she tryed to turn but the beastie buggy went out of control.

(Wed 5th Jun 2002, 15:41, More)

isnt he dapper

(Thu 30th May 2002, 9:31, More)

damn chincilla’s just no respect for the highway code

(Tue 28th May 2002, 15:44, More)

from Breel to Mr Crisp

(Thu 2nd May 2002, 16:46, More)

the boyz get ready for a night on the tiles

(Mon 29th Apr 2002, 12:47, More)

dalek’s finally get fashion sense

(Mon 29th Apr 2002, 12:42, More)

photo from last friday’s party

(Thu 25th Apr 2002, 9:53, More)

they came from the skys

(Tue 23rd Apr 2002, 13:53, More)

the scientist just couldnt stop at
ear and nosesocks, he had to go for the un-speakable operation.

(Mon 22nd Apr 2002, 14:22, More)

the b3ta party planning is a success
as they rollout the fluffy penguin’s costume

(Thu 18th Apr 2002, 10:42, More)

hay Raz this is what we need

Go Boy Go
(Wed 17th Apr 2002, 16:58, More)

Yappy fighting Dog on Winter Recon

(Wed 17th Apr 2002, 15:32, More)

right who’s had my bone?

(Wed 17th Apr 2002, 15:01, More)

This little chap is warming up for friday

(Wed 17th Apr 2002, 8:58, More)

here at B3ta labs today
a solution has been generated for David Beckham

(Thu 11th Apr 2002, 15:10, More)

really board

(Mon 8th Apr 2002, 16:31, More)

check this out
boil in a bag kitten

(Tue 12th Mar 2002, 4:51, More)

no name thing

(Wed 6th Mar 2002, 8:09, More)

it was only at the last minute…
that kittie realised he didnt have his parachute…

(Wed 27th Feb 2002, 8:00, More)

classy puffin

(Mon 18th Feb 2002, 12:24, More)

my pigeon question was
"what would happen if Scientist crossed a kitten with a pigeon?"

look what came up

mucho respect
(Mon 18th Feb 2002, 9:43, More)

I was bored
and couldn’t be arsed working, so I did this

(Fri 15th Feb 2002, 4:58, More)

turbine bunny

(Thu 14th Feb 2002, 8:17, More)

gaydog to the rescue

(Tue 12th Feb 2002, 12:36, More)

ready for friday

(Mon 11th Feb 2002, 12:26, More)

buy your mittens online

(Fri 8th Feb 2002, 10:36, More)

it had to be done

(Fri 8th Feb 2002, 10:01, More)

like this

(Thu 7th Feb 2002, 22:22, More)

yet it wears…

(Thu 7th Feb 2002, 21:13, More)

like mother, like daughter

(Wed 6th Feb 2002, 6:16, More)

fashion for felines

(Tue 5th Feb 2002, 11:39, More)

squirrel in stilettos and string vest

(Wed 30th Jan 2002, 17:56, More)

squirrel in string vest

(Wed 30th Jan 2002, 12:21, More)

its the cat from KISS

(Wed 30th Jan 2002, 7:47, More)

wrap up warm little kitty

(Wed 30th Jan 2002, 5:52, More)

its the party elephant

(Tue 29th Jan 2002, 17:54, More)

flush the little bugger

(Tue 29th Jan 2002, 12:23, More)

giraffes dont wear socks
they wear legwarmers, obviously.

(Tue 29th Jan 2002, 7:51, More)

its the gay dog from hairy tongue

(Tue 29th Jan 2002, 3:43, More)

you mean like this

(Fri 25th Jan 2002, 5:49, More)

like this

(Fri 25th Jan 2002, 5:40, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Clients Are Stupid

I work in web advertising (for my sins)
anyway, we submit alot of concepts as sketches which saves time
in the process of things. Anyway, we were under the impression the
client (who works for a rather large car corporation) understood this,
and signed off the concepts, and then asked if we would be using
real photography to sell the car or this really loose sketchy style,
(Sun 28th Dec 2003, 22:58, More)