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Some albums of what I laughably refer to as my opus:

Bird-Headed Soldiers

I'm not sure why these work so well, but they do.

A Peanuts Apocalypse

Complete collection, back from the dead!

Shakira Ecclestone

This star of a fast-growing fashion scene bears a striking resemblance to Bernie Ecclestone, had he only Shakira's body.

Gender-Confused Fashion

Few of the other members of this scene have quite the clout of Shakira Ecclestone, but they're quietly successful in their own way.

Genetic Experiments

Sometimes one gets the urge to play around with ladies' genes.

Speckly paintmashes

The obligatory Skugosaurus:

Random rubbish
Otherwise there's a few things I'm more proud of than others.
Bootcat on the mountain:
A kitten on a skateboard:
Windmill cat:
Diana was a body-builder:
The Eiffel Tower takes a break:
The Walrus-Moustached Upper-Crust Bee:
Bandwagoning bandwagoning la la la:
Megan Fox-Hunter:

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