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As is this photo
from the same site

(Mon 29th Apr 2002, 21:17, More)

Yay! It's a woman with a hamster on her head

Not photoshopped, but probably needs to be.

(with apologies to any KodoCha fans who will actually know what this photo is)
(Wed 13th Mar 2002, 13:57, More)

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» Childhood bad taste

There used to be a very nice kit car based on the VW beatle, called the Nova. tiny two seater, hydraulic lifters take the windscreen and roof off for you to get in, and it's less than 3' off the ground. My dad showed me a picture of one when I was small.

I then spent the next few years saying how Novas were teh best car ever and how I really wanted one, until eventually someone told me what everyone else thought I was talking about. They must've thought I was a right chav.
(Mon 13th Dec 2004, 21:31, More)

» People with Stupid Names

Dentists again
My mate's dentist: Dr. Payne
(Fri 27th Aug 2004, 15:29, More)