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» In the Army Now - The joy of the Armed Forces

The "Division"...
I was in the US Army AIRBORNE, in what was known as "THE DIVISION". ( The "PARAS", to you Brits.) Anyways, when in "THE DIVISION", you were supposed to be the ideal soldier, always vigilant, steadfast and true. This meant even while performing the most mundane tasks. While dusting the tops of the drop ceiling panels, ( the side you don't see, but since it's the "DIVISION", you clean them anyways), I had my back to the door of my room. A major faux pas. I didn't see the NCO enter the room so I couldn't aknowledge, by way of a specific vocalisation, his presence. For the next six months, whenever HE saw me, I was to be doing what you Brits call "press ups".This was to teach me the importance of vigilance; I was to see him (or any other superior) first , thus making it unneccessary for him to tell me to "drop". I'm now quite the vigilant/twitchy bastard.
(Sat 25th Mar 2006, 8:01, More)