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Extreamly bored and single in texas.
When am not bored is when am at work.
The other times am not bored i don't remember
(was probably enebriated, or at least I hope so)

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» Sacked

Not blockbuster
THis was back in 98. I was working at a H***yw**dvideo store at the time. The manager that hired me got 86 just after I got hired. Two or three days later, I had already got used to the temp manger when the permanent replacement came in. I was just organizing videos on a shelf, nothing special. She proceeds to introduce her self, I thought was cordial at the time, then the beached whale decided to tell me how to straighten video boxes. Comeon how hard is it to make videos stand straight. She believed i was doing it all wrong. Good way to make a first impression. Me thinks oh well, take it with a grain of salt. I thought I had got smart and set my schedule to close on the weekends, manger not there, no head aches right. WRONG. Saturday night two thugs walk in w/probably a toy gun, who a i to defend money that's not mine. So give it up no problem, not my money, not my problem. police get there make statment ho home goto sleep. Wake up the next morning get called in by asst mgr to make statment, no biggy. Store manger was obviously notified, was waiting there pretending like she cared. Sat in on the statment taking session with me and loss prevention. Answerd questions. She then wanted to see the survallence tape. No one copuld make out the faces not even police. She has me sit with her watch video over and over and over. Well long and short of it was she asked if I needed counseling. All I wanted was a bottle of whiskey and am jusdt fine. She took that to mean I didn't want to take my day off. She asks me to come in on day off since the assist mgr that was with me didn't come in that day. No brainer, if asst mgr doesn't want t comew in after being robbed what made her think I did. Next day get call from bank saying job app was approved....very cool. Spent the rest of the week coming in late clocking in early, I knew how to rest time clock when no ones looking. Any way Friday comes, I gewt the call for the job offer, Next call I make is to twat mgr : Hey can't come in am sick, oh and by the way, am putting two weeks notice in, changing availibility to closing sundays only, oh and by the way did I mention am not coming in tonight. There was that pause that you know time is standing still, when you know the mgr finally relises I don't care. She replies "You know this puts me in a very difficult situation, are you sure you can't come in, please don't get defensive ( her favorite line to abuse/manipulate underlings will to her own). The only appropriate responce I could think of was from Paul Ruebens " am sorry, am sorry, NO AM NOT SORRY. I can say I ddi not get defensive and I beat her to the punch. She would've noticed eventuall that her mgr password was used many time to make cash drop from till or approve free rental or just relizing hey my employees are stealing from me. Last I heard about her she had the whole staff walk out on her Christmas eve. Isn't justice poetic.
Sorry for lenght
(Fri 3rd Mar 2006, 3:57, More)

» Accidentally Erotic

stupid sexy chilean
By far not smart enough to be an optician but smart enough to read a pamplet on how to sell krap. We'll call her Claudia. She has always been partial towards me and given me the eye. from time to time I would even tease her about if the carpet matches the curtains(I think her lack of knowledge of english helps out). We started a dailey ordeal of her coming to my house and smoking swag. After a few weeks of this the brain tended to phase out and her body started speaking to me. The only thing left I could hear was that sexxy, oh so sexy chilean accent. One day I think it was my subconcios but I had to know. Will today be the day. Not much of a bloke to kiss and tell but, she was weqaring a g-string with smiley faces. To this day we still are freinds and she knows what is in the back of my mind when I smile. No apologies for lenght or girth, well she didn't complain anyway
(Sat 4th Feb 2006, 3:24, More)