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hi, i'm getting older.
living in sarf lahndahn

Dead or really really dead


The Cowboy
Arkansas Tyler
also known as
Just Harry

Making a tempting offer to a blowjob.
Selling liquor to a stallion.
Declaring war on a sombrero.

Reward: $1400

Last seen riding his horse; Ruby Vagina in the town of Nubia."

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» The nicest thing someone's ever done for me

Random acts of kindness
if you've read 'join me' by danny wallce then you'll have a good idea of my story...
Every Friday i do one random nice thing for someone, it can be as little as holding a door open or buying someone a drink in a pub(just because they happen to have an empty glass at the time). I do other things too, it usually depend son the moment.
It just goes to show that giving a pack of cookies to a complete stranger because they looked a little bit sad, or moody, is quite awesome...although the looks on their faces can be odd.
(Fri 3rd Oct 2008, 0:34, More)

» Putting the Fun in Funeral

again...not one of my own...
in the "awesome" online game World of Warcraft.... this might not have happened but i thought it was funny/weird so here goes...
apparently one of the gamers died(can't remember if it was a bloke or woman), so the thoughtful friends they made online decided to have a funeral for them...online and in the game...a date and time was arranged and people actually queued up(in game remember) to pay their respects.
Until someone decided to "crash" the funeral and attack the other gamers....i never did work out which was worse....online funeral or online funeral crashing

here's the vid if anybody cares to watch:


(i should mention i don't know any of the people involved, i just heard about this one day)
(Fri 12th May 2006, 0:56, More)

» Pet Stories

when i was a baby
i managed to 'fire' a projectile shit several feet onto my cats head, apparently he didn't look happy
(Sun 10th Jun 2007, 14:16, More)

» Going Too Far

embarrassing competition
a friend a me were in london for the day and he said he could embarrass me easier than i could him... cue shouting sexual puns at each other and pretending we were a couple to get the other to go 'bright red'. i eventually kissed him on the lips a crowded train.
(Tue 14th Nov 2006, 15:52, More)

» Ignoring Instructions

christ...where to start
well...i have to be honest(sorry), i always read the instructions to anything...mainly because i don't want to screw up like everybody else does.....

one of my mates will buy a game(i don't know if this means all games or just PS2 and xbox) and REFUSE to read the instructions...insisting he will "pick it up" easily enough....so five minutes in, he also ignores optional tutorials, and i've had to tell him how to 'jump that small hole' or what 'this button' really does and why he's about to die!
My brother does the same...but he immediately gets me to tell him how to play them (ie list controls and other important points)...i just let him suffer now

However...the biggest offender(and yes! it should be a criminal offence) is my mum.
she will bin every set of instructins she can find....including;my digital cam-corder instructions TWICE less than 2 days after i got it!!! she recently bought some garden lights(solar powered) and can't get one to work...i can't help her out because when i asked for the instructions...well what's the first thing she does with the set of instructions that came with it??? Yup! in the bin they go! How the fuck can anybody just refuse to read instructions for almost anything?!?

oh and everyone i work with purposefully ignores my simple instructions....because they know it annoys me!

edit:erm....sorry for the rant...it sounded funnier in my head
(Fri 5th May 2006, 0:26, More)
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