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» Fancy Dress


Went out to visit a friend at Univeristy at Santa Cruz in California about 8 years ago; very chilled town, great climate etc. I'm a Brit and he is Spanish but lived in the UK for some years.

Some friends of his invite us to a party on the Saturday night - fancy dress. Cool we thought, head down to the charity/thrift store for outfits, deciding on FBI type agents as a theme. Find our requisite dark glasses, water pistols, etc... get dressed up and head over to the party.

Cue our entrance, a dive through the front door as soon as it is starting to be opened, water pistols brandished/fired and getting everyone to "freeze, agents J and P here"

Cue silence.

Cue 40 people in their best evening wear - suits/long dresses staring at us in silence. Some of them with newly acquired water marks from our water pistols.

Right party. Wrong understanding of fancy dress.

They meant your SMARTEST dress and not FANCY dress....

Still, it broke the ice and much fun had by all. (Apart from the little old lady next door who thought the place was being raided for drugs... Oops.)

No apologies for length.
(Tue 17th Jan 2006, 10:54, More)