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» Impulse buys

Price Drop T V
Who can resist the tempting Mistress that is Price drop TV, with the bargains to be had.

In quite a out of mind state I gazed upon the channel and before was the pinnacle of all Impulse Buys. £12.99 and it could be mine, but there was only seconds left as there were only a couple of them left. Quicker than a BNP member shaving a badgers arse I dialed the telephone number and entered my pin number (yes, i had been in this situation before, so only thought it prudent to setup an easy way to claim my goodies).

Low and behold I made it in time, it was mine!!!!! 8 days later my parcel arrived and I opened it like a kid on Christmas day.

The complete box set (12 DVD's) of Worzel Gummidge.

Length - Got about 5 minutes in and turned it off. - Set is now for sale :)
(Tue 26th May 2009, 22:01, More)

» Hotel Splendido

Not the B&B's Fault
Not really in theme with QOTW, but it was a crappy experience

A few years back (10) i was working as a door entry installer. The work we were doing was all the way down in London - woah my first week out in the big city all by myself, i was rather excited.

I made my way down there and met up with the bloke i was going to working with, and he found me a nice B&B/pub to stay in for the week.

After a hard weeks graft in the loft's running cables in between all the fiber glass insulation i had a thirst on :). So on the last night i get back get showered etc and head to the bar. As many of you working away from home will probably have done is ask the landlord for a receipt of 25 quid for an evening meal that you never actually have but just spend the cash on beer. But it looks good on the expenses.....

Anyway after several shandy's with the locals i wobble of to bed and get my head down, thats as much as i remember.

I wake up and something is strange. Its still dark. I have my jacket on with all my screwdrivers in the pockets. I have a screwdriver in hand.... Im sat in the middle of the floor. In front of me in pieces is what used to be the heater for the room hehe.

Unfortunately after a few beers i tend to sleep walk, only this time i'd taken the heater apart and what woke me up is me turning it on and burning myself on the exposed elements. I tried for next few hours to get it back together (not easy when you have the shakes). Fortunately in the morning the landlord was nowhere to be seen, so i legged it and never went back.

Length? About 4 inches with a cross bit on the end.
(Sun 20th Jan 2008, 18:19, More)

» What's the hardest you've tried to get dumped?

I was just a 15 yr old cnut
So I met this lass through a friend and we had a lot in common, liked the same bands etc we got on really well and being a young lad thought life was a nice place.

The relationship went on and during the time together she took much interest in a lot of the things that I liked doing. So much so that things she hated became some of her favourite things, eventually to the point where I was kissing my clone. The woman had decided that she was me. Jesus she even started smoking again because I did even against doctor’s advice that if she smoked anymore her legs may have to be amputated

Now it’s all very nice her taking it to that level but when in a relationship you need differences, it’s those things that give you things to discuss and debate.

Now I had been a vegetarian for about a year and the last straw was when she decided that she was a vegetarian too, and I don't know why but that was it, somehow I had to take action this had to end now. Well what else was I meant to do; I stormed downstairs and insisted that my dad make me a bacon sandwich, and then proceeded to stuff my face full of bacon sandwich in front of her with HP dribbling down my chin.

The evening carried on with me being the biggest bastard I could be at the age of 15 sat in my bedroom at my parent’s house. The evening finished and her mother came to pick her up (20 mile round trip), she left with a barely audible bye from me.

30 minutes later she's back at my door, she must have got nearly home and made her mum turn around so she could come back and apologise. I have no idea what she was apologising for and I’m pretty sure she had no idea either.

Now if I remember correctly (this was 13 years ago) my human side came to the forefront and I hugged her and said it was ok, and then properly dumped her a couple of days later.

So if you’re reading Harry, I’m sorry, I was a git.

Length? About 3 feet, Im pretty sure she’s still walking on them
(Fri 6th Jun 2008, 21:44, More)

» Picky Eaters

My Daughter.... and girlfriend
Sorry if its already bindun.... but come on these 2 girls are 6years old and 20years old so you would have thought things might be different. Here's how a normal conversation on eating something goes :-

Me : Look what ive cooked, something fabulous and tasty and delicous

Daughter : I dont like it

Me : Have you ever tried it before?

Daughter : NO

What more can i say??

PS. Replace the word "daughter" with "girlfriend" for the converstaions i have with the missus :)

PPS. I will never ever on this earth eat any food labelled as organic.... for christ sake i grew up on chemicals ...we need them to survive. Organic food is a scam.... thier trying to make you ill by denying you the chemicals your body needs.... then they'll scrap the NHS and we'll have to buy medical insurance... Damn you Norwich Union and ur organic food:)
(Fri 2nd Mar 2007, 0:10, More)