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I am the disgusting iverted hello kitty BAHBAH!!!

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» The Soundtrack of your Life

Nairobi Frog Man
The summer of '03, I was sitting in the departure lounge of Nairobi airport feeling a bit woozy from the Malaria i'd picked up along the way.
I was sat down opposite this quite rotund, sweaty executive looking character who kept on wiping his brow and properly scratching deep into the gonad region.
I felt pretty feverish and my eyes were flitting between the spectacle of this guy seemingly try to extract his own bollocks from the well of flesh between his legs, and this poster of a giant frog behind him, advertising a phone company or something.

At this point, the music came on resonating around the departure lounge, - "Sinead o Connor - Nothing compares to you"
this was too much for my poor brain, reeling with fever. I passed out.
I was oblivious to this happening, and while I was out for the count I still thought that I was sitting there.

But then... I looked up only to see,clear as day, the fat man screaming with his giant balls out making them bleed by scratching them so hard, and the frog sitting next to me with it's arm round my shoulder, legs crossed singing "Nothing compares to you".

I woke up in the fat man's arms, with him kinda slapping my cheek with his sweaty ball hand. u__u
(Tue 2nd Feb 2010, 18:16, More)

» Losing it

Last night
I found myself talking to the old man in the grandfather clock.
He showed me a scene of how he bartered with death to earn his citizenship with the inanimate.
(Sat 23rd Jul 2011, 13:16, More)

» Famous people I hate

Mike McClean is a Dirty Cunthole!
and told me to "shut the fuck up" under his breath after I had been forced onto the stage with my friend at a panto production of Peter Pan.
I was 10.
(Thu 4th Feb 2010, 21:37, More)