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I 'aint gettin' on no sled fool!

(Mon 20th Dec 2004, 22:27, More)

Imagine the best orgasm you have ever had and multiply it by a thousand and you're still nowhere near it

(Sun 7th Nov 2004, 23:23, More)

World tour - Paris

(Mon 19th Jul 2004, 22:06, More)

I am truly sorry...

(Thu 15th Jul 2004, 17:12, More)

Genetically modified

(Thu 10th Jun 2004, 21:56, More)

...and the earrings just completed the whole look perfectly.

(Mon 31st May 2004, 14:08, More)

frig or pog?

(Sun 23rd May 2004, 22:39, More)


(Mon 3rd May 2004, 23:13, More)

All Women Keep Score... Only The Great Ones Put It In Writing.

(Sun 25th Apr 2004, 23:26, More)

No escape for the guilty

(Sat 17th Apr 2004, 19:36, More)

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