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I eat butter with a spoon
Sarah Silverman - Give the Jew Girl Toys on Transbuddha

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» Airport Stories

Careful where u put ur legs
Whilst waiting for a flight from Spain I decided to wedge my leg in between some railings. All was well until we had to move and I could not remove my now swollen knee cap from between the iron railings. My mother, in her infinite wisdom, decided the best course of action would be to attempt to yank me backwards (for want of a better phrase). My screams (of pain) attracted the airport security and the spanish police, as my plight became a spectacle to the entire airport. After some kindly airport official brought an ice pack to reduce the swelling I was finally freed, to a round of applause from the crowd of giggling onlookers. Safe to say we missed our flight and it was the most embarrassing day of my life.

I was 16 and have not been to an airport since
(Wed 8th Mar 2006, 3:48, More)