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» Sexism

apologies for not having anything of my own to say, but...

(Mon 28th Dec 2009, 21:09, More)

» Workplace Boredom

What happens if we leave a pint of milk in a warm office overnight?
Overnight turned into 'a few days'.
A few days became a week.
A week became a month.
A month became...'however long we can'.
Eventually it was named Steve and did more work than the people who left it there.
It all backfired when our line manager brought some visitors in, and picked up the box files it was hidden behind. Then opened it to investigate. One woman was sick in the bin.
(Thu 8th Jan 2009, 22:23, More)

» Bad gigs

Told this one before...
When I was young, keen and 17, I had a running joke with a not-very-famous band whereby I'd take my bra off during their gig and throw it at them. I can't throw very well, so I'd go down the front and lean on the barrier.
One particular time, I'd gone through this whole process, I was resting my spaniels' ears on the barrier, and someone decided to stage dive. In front of me. Trapping my left nipple between his boot and the barrier.
I never threw my bra again.
(Thu 25th Jul 2013, 17:10, More)

» Mugged

My sister
got mugged not so long ago. She had nothing on her except her phone. Her phone's knackered, she broke the screen within six months of having it, and then tried to take the cover off to fix it. It's pretty much hanging off.
They took one look at it, handed it back and walked off without a word.
(Thu 15th Jun 2006, 15:45, More)

» Cheap Tat

£1.99 headphones from Argos. The loose connections in the wire and the chipped paint were annoying, but the icing on the cake was looking at them to find out which was the left one and which was the right, to find that they were both marked as left.
(Sun 6th Jan 2008, 17:23, More)
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