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I proper luv't B3ta an't Buuuurnley. But I don't like them duuuurty buggers down't road. Proper b*ast*rds, oh aye.

Robbie Blake. What more can I say like? Proper magic man, I tell thee.

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» The Weird Kid In Class

The Sandpit of Doom
It was a warm Autumn afternoon. We were in PE, and were playing a game of football on the main pitch overlooked by the science/languages block.

Andrew M was sat in the sandpit, just behind one of the goals behind a small mound, having "forgotten his kit" for possibly the twentieth time (he was pretty shit and a complete lazy bastard).

The game passed without incident and the teachers called it a day.....which is where the fun began. As we walked off the pitch towards the changing rooms (which were behind the science block), we were strangely greeted with around 50 students at the upper floor windows giving us all the "wanker" sign.

Obviously most of us returned the compliment, but there was one individual at the back of the group who was more than a little sheepish (and surprisingly red-faced considering he had done naff-all all afternoon).

It soon became apparent that AndrewM had been furiously working one of his muscles in that sandpit, safe in the knowledge that we couldn't see. Oops, forgot about the rest of the school! Anyway, he was suspended and returned to school after a few weeks. Unfortunately the shame and jokes forced him to leave for good soon after.

That particular sandpit was never used again (during the time I was at the school anyway), and I'm sure the legend lives on today.
(Tue 23rd Jan 2007, 13:41, More)