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» Child Labour

Child Labour
At the age of 15 or so I was working in Maplin Electronics in Bristol. I was earning the earth-shatteringly huge wage of £2.25 an hour. I can't believe I stood in that sweaty, baking hot shop for hours and at the end of the day only took home about £60 a month.

The worst bit was the customers. In it's current state Maplins has turned into a kind of mini-Argos selling cheap Chinese tat, so you get all sorts in there (mainly people who don't know any better). However when I worked there it was far more focused on obscure little electronic components - which attracted three very distinct types of customers - the Spod, the Granddad, and the Rudebwoy. The rudebwoy was after neons for his car and 18" subs for his stereo and was probably the least offensive. The Granddad normally wanted a new fuse for his kettle or a doorbell battery and apart from his hand shaking far too much when counting out the pennies ("*sigh*, give it here, for fucks sake, I'll do it") wasn't that bad.

The worst people by far were the Spods, who would quiz you for about half an hour about a single component before deciding whether to pay 47p for it (in hindsight, I'm beginning to understand the reasoning behind the £2.25ph wage) and come in telling us about their project to connect their toaster to their PC.

We did have a variety of mad customers including "Crow", who never wore a shirt and insisted his name was just "Crow", no Mr., "Angry Man" - who I think is fairly common in Bristol and would get hassled by stock ("Damn PUSSY-claart TV!") and Richard, who would buy anything so long as it had lots of flashing lights.

But come on, £2.25 an hour?

First post, so no apologies for length I'm afraid.
(Fri 17th Feb 2006, 14:27, More)

» School Sports Day

I'm surprised
That nobody has tried to pass of the "wheelchair sports day" incident of Playgroundlaw.com fame as their own yet.

I never really took part in School Sports Days, although being forced to enter at least one event, chose the long jump. Apparently my foot was a good 6-8 inches over the line but the teacher didn't notice so all was well. Game on!

Oh, and I don't know anyone who actually bothered to run the full route round the school on cross-country runs (our school was too pikey to actually take us out into the country, so it was laps of the school instead), normally a shortcut would be worked out on the first lap upon which point we'd sit down and have a chat for ten minutes, before turning up panting dramatically at the checkpoint to claim our winning times. The teachers were SO impressed...... weren't they?
(Fri 31st Mar 2006, 11:38, More)

» I met a weirdo on the interweb

A while ago
I met a girl off a chatroom ages ago. I was probably about 14 or 15 and I think they were the same age. She sent me a pic and said she was coming to Bristol with a mate. I remember she seemed nice enough, I don't remember her name for shit but I do remember her mate's name was "BrokenDoll". Nice.

It turned out to be an OK day despite visiting all the goth shops in the area, and discovering all her mates websites were about haloween, black, and crows.

A few people I've met off car forums have been fine, and I've chatted to a few girls but always been fairly apprehensive meeting them incase they're proper bunny boilers. But then, maybe they're thinking the same thing about me and true love has often been denied...

(Tue 21st Mar 2006, 10:17, More)