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I spend a vast amount of time in theatres, working on shows, where they give me an interweb connection. THE FOOLS...

Also, i do THIS wonderful band promotion

Also, i play in THIS fantabulous band

I like badgers, monkeys, jam and cucumber and pickle sandwiches. And those pots of yoghurt, granola and fruit goo that Pret do... yum...

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» Unexpected Good Fortune

Escape from Orpington
I used to work for popular cosmetics and not-dead-things bath rubbish company Lush. I only ever met one other straight man while working there - everyone else employed by Lush is a cute girl, so that was rather nice...

Two weeks after starting we had a Christmas party at a posh club off Regent Street. The bar was free to a certain extent, but not cocktails UNTIL the boss got drunk and said YAY WOO COCKTAILS ARE FREE TOO! I got durnked...

I left to get my last train home, sat down among the throngs of drunken office party revellers, and promptly fell into a drunken sleep.

The next thing i know I'm walking down a dual carriageway. After a bit i drunkenly realise that i'm in ORPINGTON. I must have got to the end of the line and been removed from the train! How odd.. And orpington was a long way away from where I lived...

After wandering, getting thoroughly lost, and trying to find a taxi, without any success, I give up and resign myself to the fact that I'm probably going to be stuck in Orpington all night.

At which point i turn the next corner, where a nice warm number 47 bus is waiting to take me to RIGHT OUTSIDE MY DOOR.

So free cocktails, cute girls, and miraculous rescuing from Kent all in one night..

The job was piss easy too!
(Tue 19th Sep 2006, 21:34, More)