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Warning: this profile makes some heavy use of web 2.0 technology, be sure you have a web 2.0 compliant intrawebs to see it properly, or you might try as well, use 2 internets web 1.0 compliant spider browsers at same time, but you might need some trumpet winsock I think.

just me walking through the city

#don't worry, bee poo

(cuak, Mon 8 May, 1:43, More)

# I find your lack of salt disturbing

(cuak, Mon 1 May, 19:34, More)

the kiwi realized he was made out of kiwi

# HELP!!!

(cuak, Tue 18 Apr, 6:24, More)

# chinese food

(cuak, Tue 18 Apr, 5:03, More)

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