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23, Female, Taken, Musician.

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» My sex misconceptions

The Lady Button
Not me, but my best friend Tom, who just happens to be gay.

Starting one drunken conversation when we were about sixteen, he gets interested in the 'workings' of the female genitalia, and myself and another friend explain.

A few minutes later he's sitting there looking rather confused. "You ok?" I ask. "Just thinking of something" he replies. "If the clitoris is the main point of stimulation, why does it need so much? Surely you'd just be turning yourself on and off again".

It took me a second to realise what he meant, before he goes, "Well it's like a button isn't it, your lady button." I lost it there and then. He was convinced that it was something that you pressed to instantly turn a woman on or off, so we proceeded to explain further, before he asked,

"So what an earth is it shaped like then if it's not a button?"

I looked at my other mate and went, "A switch".

It took him until the next week to realise I was joking.
(Fri 26th Sep 2008, 0:48, More)