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» Ignoring Instructions

Chemistry - so fun!
I did chemistry for A level and had alot of fun. alot of the course was practcal and being a total non-experimental kinda girl, really did fuck up most of them. i'm not a nerd but really enjoyed the whole course, probably cos my class was awesome and my teacher was cool and i had alot of fun.
1. my friend sian, was told to TURN OFF THE BUNSEN BURNER as soon as the ethanol starts to boil, and i mean as soon as. sian's happily pretending to be oh im the brightest person in the class when someone calls her, she turns round the second her ethanol starts to boil. cue teaacher "sian! turn your flame off"
sian: "whaaaaat?"
teacher: "now! quickly!"
sian: "oh, umm, oops umm"
bang. glass shattered, sian red faced. stupid slag girl screaming, teacher shouting. fire alarm goes off and class is evacuated, he wouldn't even let us take our bloody gloves off so we had to go line up with the rest of the school with bloody safety gloves on....we looked like right nerds!
2. rhiannon, what a complete and utter idiot.
tecaher: "don't forget to put the top back on the conc. ammonia bottle"
rhiannon "forgets"
me: sir, what's that smell? smells like wee.
rhiannon got shouted at haha.
3 omg, this is the best i promise. me and a "friend" were conducting an experiment which involved a bunsen burner. ours was seriously dodgy. poured substance into pipette blah blah etc etc. anyway, i noticed some clear liquid on the desk, thought it was water. it was bloody ethanol. friend lights bunsen burner, bunsen burner shoots off the tap and flame falls onto the desk, desk goes up on flames. me and friend stupidly tried to blow the desk out, then i realised my hair was loose.
me: oh my god! my fucking hair is on fire!" and what went through my mind? stop, drop and roll. so i did....infront of a WHOLE class of staring yr 11ers.
teacher: catherine, what are you doing on the floor?"
the fire had gone out when my freind had turned off the gas.
silly me.
(Fri 5th May 2006, 13:18, More)

» School Sports Day

wasn't much good myself, the odd 2nd 3rd and 4th in primary school, mostly joint 1sts in 100metres and 2nd in hurdles....every year. never won any kinda trophy, except for when i won the swimming championship for us girls with anoter girl in my year....still haven't received the trophy....after 5 years....god damn it!
aaaanyway, sports day, year 12. wasn't allowed to compete (was supposed to 'help', as the crap ones always did) appart from the 6th form relay which i did in the most tiny shorts ever (which were my sisters) got the attention of the teacher i liked (:)) and won my leg...and then the fun came.
Teacher relay - geography teacher, we'll call him Mr. A. His leg was the first. Gun went off, Mr A starts running...about 5 steps, turns the corner on the 6th step and trips, falls to the ground, batton goes flying into the air, Mr A rolls off the trach and onto the grass where he finally stops in a heap. Crowd roars with laughter. One of the funniest days of my life! :)
(Fri 31st Mar 2006, 11:27, More)

» Dentists

well my dentist is very nice, shame about my orthodontic experiences...
My dentist is called mr. young. a very nice man actually, always chats and has a laff with me and his assistant is very nice too.
HOWEVER, i had a cyst on the inside of my bottom lip when i was about 14 and ended up having it removed...twice. why is it that the orthodontist gives you numbing cream to put in your mouth and once numb, pokes u with scissors or other sharp objects, which don't hurt at all by the way, but as soon as the little needle goes in, well it aint so numb after all! it bloody hurts.
anyway, had this lump removed first time leaving me with a face like a hamster. had my stitches out and within a few months the bloody thing grew back. so this time he apparently gives me a stronger anaesthetic so that he can cut deeper and for longer. no it wasn't stronger at all. and to top it off, i had a room full of dentistry students gawping over me for a good hour and a quater. what's the point in asking me if i mind them being there when you know damn well that i phisically can't answer you!?
so i had it removed again and now it's gone. bloody hospital charges you something like £3.50 every time u park there and it doesn't matter how long ur there for, my stitches came out while i was walking accross the car park to have them removed....after my mum had payed the £3.50. and i still had to go in and see my orthodentist, who had cheese and onion breath btw.
my sisters' orthodentist is very nice though, but she has buck teeth and u would think being a dentist and all that she would know how to sort them out.
(Wed 8th Nov 2006, 13:38, More)

» Inappropriate crushes

i have a problem
where to start??
i used to love ballykissagnel when i was younger, and i mean love it, i apparently used to have a crush on dervla kirwan.....and i'm sad to say i do remember the cut out picture from a newspaper i had stuck on my bedroom wall. omg.
then came katy hill from blue peter, according to my parents i used to talk about her non-stop. also had a poster of her....omg again.
then there was cerys matthews from catatonia. now i was obsessed with them and gradually became obsessed with her. not in a fancying way, just wanted to be her. i vowed that i'd never ever like another band. when i met her i nearly died and she even signed my arm! now that's commitment for you.
after they split up came the normal stage in my life when i went out with boys. had a few long term relationships....then came the teacher. he was a man just to confirm and oh how i fancied him. i tend to get obsessed with people when i like them that much and it didn't help that he did and still does live a few streets away from me :)
aaaaaaaanyway, things happened and i've now got over him. i've realised what a complete using twat he is. how many times do you have to explain that "i am not a sex toy, either be serious with me or we'll stop" wife and kids too....:( i'm ashamed.
but on more cheerful note i am now in a new relationship with someone of the opposite sex but have a HUGE obsession with sheryl crow. she is hothothot! and yes i would if she ever came to wales. my boyfriend is happy about my new "obsession" (i actually don't think i'm obsessed....well maybe just a tad) he approves 100%. we made a promise that neither of us would get jelous if sheryl had most attention if our planned 3some ever happened......

i told you i have a problem
(Mon 2nd Oct 2006, 10:22, More)

» Never Meet Your Heroes

cerys matthews
met cerys matthews from catatonia when i was 15, best day of my life. well the fact that i had a pic with her. she wasn't all that friendly though. and it was her fault that the band split up in the first place. grrrrr
(Thu 1st Jun 2006, 16:47, More)
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