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» Airport Stories

When my sister was a medical student she had to learn the bone structures of the body so was renting a real human skeleton from her medical school as you had to do. She rather brilliantly decided to go on holiday but had a lot of work still to do so thought "no problem bung the skeleton in my hand luggage and off I go to Portugal !!" . Imagine the scene, Heathrow airport , xray queue , up comes my sister pops her bag on the conveyor and tells the chap by the machine "By the way just so you know theres a skeleton in there" and walks off through the metal detector. There then ensues quite a scene where the operator calls over all his colleagues to check out the human bones on the display, they all have a laugh and let her go through after a quick explanation. The funnier part was when she was heading back from Portugal, she didnt tell the Portuguese anything about the unusual contents of her hand luggage and they spent several minutes checking out the xray screen and then just waved her through smiling nervously, probably happy she was leaving the country rather than arriving !!!
(Tue 7th Mar 2006, 14:52, More)