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Dunno what to put here...
...so its gonna be mainly advertising:
Check out mine band Here. Hopefully youll liek it and then come to our gigs, buy our stuff, fund mroe expensive stuff that you will buy and eventually become rich. :D
I also build websites (much unlike this profile as it dont work in ie, but none of you should worry about that because your all sensible).
Few of my works can be seen Here and Here (this is just the template, the proper site is down at the mo). If you need a website for anything, call us up and ill see what I can do.
Im currently studying e-media (woo, tis very easy) and computing (un-yay, tis shit) at lewes college. Currently driving (as of march 2006) a renault megane which tears up the streets of my hometown bexhizzle (bexhill) very nicely (end of loads of brackets).
My music taste is awesome, listen to a wiiide range of stuff, but mostly pop rocr/punk rock/power pop stuff like...ummmm
The Academy Is...
Houston Calls
Coheed And Cambria
Fall Out Boy

Panic! At The Disco

Stuff like that plus more, some heavier stuff like He Is Legend, Underoath, Horse The Band.
Some more popular stuff like Futureheads ect.

Dont mind stuff like drum n bass or hip hop aslong as its not shit.

Trance can die though.....Twice

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» The most cash I've ever carried

The largest ammount of cash I've held was around £53 Million or so in Tonbridge when we stol..................wait.......
(Wed 28th Jun 2006, 2:01, More)

» School fights

I wouldnt call it legendary...
..but my one an only was about 4 or so years ago back in high school.

To put it simply, a mate of mine's magic 8 ball was taken by some ginger pikey (Nout wrong with gingers mind you, just red headded pikeys), obviously I try to get it back.

Could see he wanted some and so he starts it with a shove, I end up grabbing the 8 ball and giving him a fair few cracks round the back of the head with it, then I get a cracker in the nose causing some blood spillage. Then crowds emerged and that was it.

Because my school was so lax we just both got let off.
(Tue 14th Mar 2006, 0:48, More)

» Worst Nicknames Ever

We'll its my nickname, but I wouldnt call it bad, yet I wouldnt call it awesome either. Its just kinda stuck majorly for about 6 years or so.

It comes from the fact I have a busted hip, which in turn has given me a shorter right leg.

Now heres where it gets a bit silly. The name ledger has sort of evolved from the word Pleb (Because apparently, Iv got no legs you see).


et Voila. My Nickname
(Fri 19th May 2006, 9:20, More)