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» Festivals

Bloodstock '08
This is where i saw possibly the saddest thing I have ever seen.

A boy about 16, with soup in his hair and holding a sign saying, and I qoute:

"I will do anything for beer! (Except male sexual favours)"

And then written below in slightly shaky smaller writing :

"Or getting kicked in the nuts again"

Makes me glad I took enough booze with me so I didn't have to resort to that.
(Thu 4th Jun 2009, 21:41, More)

» Karma

Not so much karma as petty petty revenge
I have a complete prick as a bus driver, petty minded and generaly twatty. So I take karma into my own hands and every day for the last two months when I get off of the bus I shout jizz at him because he can't tell the difference between the word jizz and cheers.

I told you it was petty.
(Sat 23rd Feb 2008, 20:40, More)

» Family codes and rituals

I procrastinate so much...
Oh wait shit sorry
(Thu 20th Nov 2008, 18:13, More)

» Good Advice

As I was told by a friend...
in Costa coffee last week, I believe it was Tuesday, he had a cappuccino whilst I just had a bottle of water. We'de just got back from a game of squash, and he had beaten me 11-5. Anyway he told me this piece of advice and I don't think I'll ever forget it:

"Don't add too many pieces of irrelevant information when you're passing on advice"

and I never have.
(Mon 24th May 2010, 12:32, More)

» Conned

I've got the funniest story about this
unfortunatly it's at home and I don't have any money for the bus...
(Mon 22nd Oct 2007, 20:02, More)
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