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» Teenage Parties

Hooch and weed
Back in the days of a 14year old, whenever i had this combo at any house party i had strange hiding habits.

A friend came across a giggling wardrobe, needless to say she was a little spooked after smoking a few. Her freaking got worse when she opened the door to investigate, out fell me not looking far off the girl from exorcist - covered in vomit, dark hair all over the place, and a whitied looking face with slight droolage.

I had been found in many places such as under sofa seat cushions (they had empty spaces inside the chair) after being there for about an hour.

I have no ideas why oh lordy, i came up with ideas to play one man hide and seek. Its just as well i have grown too big to still fit inside chairs.
(Sat 15th Apr 2006, 21:28, More)

» Ignoring Instructions

Back in the day of being 4years old
getting me to go to bed and stay was a real hassle for my parents. So along came the story that if i didn't go to bed early the boogieman would see me through the windows and come get me.

My Dad used to dive quite alot around this time and often had to dry his suit out before the next day.

I have a scarring memory of running around the hallway, after i was told to go to bed or the boogieman was going to eat me, and into the bathroom. There stood a large fat green man with no head and with arms outstreched ready to eat me!

After much screaming and weeage, i found out that Dad had to blow his suit up and left it in the bathtub to dry out.(I also wouldn't have put it past him that he also did this on purpose)

I learnt my lesson.
(Thu 4th May 2006, 16:41, More)

» School Sports Day

Our school swimming pool
was also used by the nearby primary school. The day before our school swimming races, a stinky wee 5year old boy, had a nice wee poop in our pool during their lesson.

The swimming races were then called off as noone really wanted to race with a floater involved.

Although ofcourse they cleaned out the pool carefully after a few days, the majority of us girls seemed to have irregular periods that occured every second week that our swimming lesson was due.
(Sun 2nd Apr 2006, 18:52, More)