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My photoshop skills leave much to be desired, but one day, one day, i shall come forth with a decent image and win one of these damn image challenges!

I be having some ways to get hold of me...

MSN: [email protected]
EmoSpace: myspace.com/phaeron

That's it, i can't be bothered listing more..

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» I hurt my rude bits

There's probably hundreds in this section about it, but hell i'm gonna post one...

Usual Saturday with the paintballing lot, having a laugh as you do. Personally i'm never one for all the protective gear, the more pain you feel, the more likely you are to get out of the way than to stand there and think "screw it" (Obviously, mask yes, eyes required). Anyway so we go through the day, nothing much, get hit a few times, bruise, ow, never mind, then in the very last round, i'm crouched behind a barrel, i get the sharp stinging sensation in the arse, the kind that says "some sneaky git is behind you". I turn as you do, not willing to admit defeat as the judge obviously hadn't spotted it. So now, sat on the floor, back to the barrel, you can imagine where the next 2 shots landed, square in the crotch. Much screaming, shouting, and generally making said opponents life hell later, i hobbled from the field, crotch in hand, tears in eyes, and wondering "where the hell can i buy a cup round here"...
(Tue 18th Jul 2006, 15:30, More)