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» Barred

While on a canal holiday
Stopped off and went for a wonder. Got lost.

Came to this pub and thought I'd ask for directions. As soon as I walked to the bar the barman said "What can I get you?"
I thought, this is very welcoming and said "I'll have a pint of lager please."
"£2" the barman requested.
"I thought you were buying me a drink." said I, "I was only going to ask for directions, I've got no money with me."
"Well since I've poured it, you can have this one and after that I never want to see you in here again." Said the rather angry barman.

Two days later I wondered off and found the same pub. I entered and the barman said "You're not allowed in here anymore."
"I've never been here before mate," I lied.
"You must have a double then." said the barman.
I replied, "Oh in that case, I'll have a double whiskey."
(Wed 6th Sep 2006, 18:42, More)