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» Barred

Leftover crack
Another good story where i got banned was the leftover crack gig in trillians rockbar, newcastle

first they banned me because i didnt have id and wouldnt leave and kept trying to walk in every 2 minutes (i wanted to see the crack)

then i walked in through the backdoor... ban number 2

then stupidly enough i walked in past the guy who kicked me out and banned me
but it was all worth it for the crack

oh yer my mates banned from there too because he chucked his pint at the band (the crack didnt want him to get kicked out tho)
but gud job they didnt notice him launching chairs, having a piss next to the stage or turning the amp off half way through a song
(Sun 3rd Sep 2006, 2:44, More)

» Barred

This stupid local pig came up to for (i was 14 with a bag of drink) but he banned me from the village i live in!
(Sun 3rd Sep 2006, 2:38, More)

» Ignoring Instructions

Re: Don't throw deoderant cans on fires.
Yer me too and I got engulfed in the ensuing fireball too...
Lost an inch of hair and most of my eyebrows and very bad burns to my face

It looks very cool though
(Mon 8th May 2006, 9:26, More)