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hello all
welcome to a boring profile.
I am home grown from America

Teh /talk Insomniac Club

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» Ignoring Instructions

You know when the people say dont touch peppers and put them in your eyes well one day i was eating pizza and i got some peppers out of teh box started eating them but when my eyes started watering because they were so hot i rubbed them with my hand that i touched teh peppers with and my eyes were burning for weeks.

on the whole pepper thing when i was in 7th grade we had this semi retarted kid and everyone payed him like 2 dollors and he took one of those same peppers and squirted teh juice in his eyes then took the seeds out and rubbed them in his eye. before that we payed him to take the pepper and put it up his nose and inhale he did and his nose started bleading quite perfusly.
(Wed 10th May 2006, 0:16, More)

» Putting the Fun in Funeral

When my great grandma died
I was 12 and my great grandma had just died and my family was all very sad. But when my brother and i relised that she lived in philadelphia which is in the U.S.A we were so excited. We flew on a plane where we met my cousin and his family.
I was very afraid of the open
cascket because i thought she was still alive.
she looked alive.
so when we were sitting during the catholic and the priest got a bit drunk from the communion wine.
when the priest waved that incents it gave me a
terrible migrain.
During the burying the whole was very big and i almost fell in.
Its was the best funeral I
ever went to.
(Thu 11th May 2006, 23:19, More)

» School Sports Day

this one day at PE
my gym teacher was very evil and he would always beat people up if they mouthed off to him. This one day we were playing kickball and actually picked up the kickball and threw it as hard as he could at a girl on his team and she went in to the office crying.
(Sat 1st Apr 2006, 17:13, More)