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» Abusing freebies

Hard Fisted Cafe
Just a couple of short years ago me and my ex partner were out celebrating my birthday by going to the cinema followed by a nice meal somewhere. Off we trotted to Broad Street and decided to pop our heads into Hard Rock Cafe to see if we'd need to book a table for later in the evening as they didn't appear very busy. The very helpful young lady who welcomed us ensured us that it wouldn't be a problem and that we wouldn't need to book so popped next door to catch the movie.

On leaving we returned once more to the abovesaid establishment thinking everything would be A-ok and we'd enjoy a meal but imagine to our surprise the whole place was absolutely full of rotten business type people and there wasn't a space in the house. We kicked up a little scene but due to being bought out for the evening there wasn't anything we could do. Instead we settled for a cheaper venue and as soon as got home wrote a letter of complaint to head office.

Little more than a week later we received an email from the manager of the Hard Rock Cafe offering us a complimentary meal and all we had to do was bring in the email and everything would be fine. So we did just that and decided we wouldn't take the piss too much...

But even once we'd told them we were here on a complimentary basis they kept piling us with more requests so ended up having 4 courses and those lovely cocktails where you get to keep the souvenir glass. Right at the end a member of staff approaches us and asks how we would like to pay...damn those imbeciles with their lack of communication...so the duty manager comes over and has a word and although you could tell he didn't want us to leave he was awfully polite and didn't know that we were there he wiped the slate clean and let us leave without paying for about £200 worth of food and drink...

Not a surprise to hear now though that this Hard Rock Cafe no longer exists...oops!!
(Wed 14th Nov 2007, 16:52, More)

» Customers from Hell

Have you reduced that?
When working in a small convenience store we weren't fortunate to have those fancy barcode reductions stickers that some of the larger chains have. Just little orange stickers. You could just tell who was going to be trouble, as some lady would always come waddling along with a heaving basket of reduced goods. Not content that we actually know how to do our jobs, they always seem to like informing us about every single product being reduced and then saying "Why haven't you reduced it?! It's coming up the same price!" Eventually they were the customers who I just didnt even bother being polite to and just stuck my hand out rather than telling them how much all their cheapo/mouldy stuff cost.
(Sun 7th Sep 2008, 21:42, More)