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» Other people's diaries

i tried to be clever
i had a diary for a few weeks . . .

about how everything was shite and i was lonely, ya know.

but i wrote it all in FRENCH so no fucker could read it :)

i decided to stop writing in it after i quit french and got a girlfried :) wahoot!
(Mon 5th Feb 2007, 16:06, More)

» Pathological Liars

i know/ew two
The first was named 'Crazy B*****' (an actual name, not a curse or anything). During the time i knew here in high school (aged 15-16) she'd always play innocent about everything, well, mostly sexual matters, but that doesn't matter for the moment. One lunchtime she picked up her phone as if to answer a call; which me + friends believed at the time, and burst into tears, professing one of her friends (out of school) had been involved in a car accident and was in hospital (and later ''''died''''). We all consoled her as much as possible until one of my friends actually spoke to said 'dead' friend. I've no idea how the conversation played out... but i wish i'd been there :D We tried to leave CB to herself, alienating ourselves from her severe strangeness, but her constant attention seeking became self harming -in front of us-. Thank fuck i barely talk to her now. I'm actually suspicous of everything she says.

No.2: The J****
She was a girl who'd come to our sixth form to get some A-levels and came on recommendations from someone who already knew her. Theeey were wrong. Her attrocities (in our eyes) are as follows:
- coming into college (what felt like) every other week with a new injury, broken wrist / arm / leg etc with an abnormally quick heal rate
- missing EVERY exam we had to take, EVERY, and blamed it on sickness, ergo receiving her predicted grade for the module of the exam. Witch. While everyone else worked towards doing well in the exam, she conveniently *fell down the stairs* the DAY before the exam. My head of sixth form eventually kicked her out for such behavior.
- and lastly, worst of all. This girl pretended to suffer from diabetes (she had BM sticks and sugar tablets et al!). She always had people looking out for her and her health and decided to exploit our empathy. It really sickened me.

Gladly, neither of these two share any part of my life. So very gald. *shudders*

length? shove it. shove it up your stupid arses! (
(Thu 29th Nov 2007, 17:00, More)