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» Not Losing Your Virginity

ooohhh errrr misses
I was 11 or 12, lived on scuzzy council estate. There was a girl who lived nearby and she was diabetic, which for some reason meant she was always left alone (sad innit?). One day asked her to the woods with my mate John, and - how innocent is this - we built camps, altho we usually built them to smoke in.

In our camp she got frisky with me snogging to see what it was like. Then more, a grope, and then 'you show me yours, ill show you mine'. I got to have a feel of her which i remember felt so weird, and then she passed out....

We panicked. Dressed her, hid our fags and we ran home, leaving her there. We felt guilty so we told her dad where she was, who collected her. Never saw her again. I lived in utter fear she would tell and my dad would beat the crap out of me.

For years thought it was what we were doing that caused her to pass out. Course it was her diabeties but i didnt go near girls for 4 or 5 years after. I recently found out my girlfriends family has a history of diabetes...

(Fri 27th Oct 2006, 14:45, More)

» Breasts

well once upon a time
me and my ex went to a posh hotel for a huge treat. we had wee babies then and of course she fed them with her 'jugs of milk'. so there we were having breakfast and we were surrounded by Colonel Blimp types with equaly uptight wives. The room fell silent when we entered, and we hushed the kids the moment they made any noise. It was pretty uncomfortable. However...the youngest (about 3 months) needed a feed and my misses was a ninja at slipping her boob out and feeding with anyone noticing under her jumper. Easy. Except when the little one came off her nipple she had what she called let down relief - to you and me thats a shot of boob milk and in this case it went some distance..onto Colonel Blimps head on the next table. So he wipes it off but studies it, then looks to the ceiling for a leak. Then he calls the waiter over. They study it together. And Col Blimp tastes it...

sorry for the length but boobs are a hobby of mine
(Mon 10th May 2010, 20:27, More)