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» Barred

Barred for Life
Me and a couple of army mates were celebrating, someones birthday in the Bath Arms (Warminster) and we had consumed much beer by this time, problem was it was nearly throwing out time.

Landlord shouts "Glasses Please" so me and mate Johnny Wheelan decide to grab every fucking thing in sight and stands up at the bar!

So after every one had left and several polite attempts to take random drinks off Johnny and I, we said that we should be allowed to finish them all before we leave as we bought them all?
he was having none of this and we would not move.

Then the ultimatum! "either drink them now or I will take them off you?" landlord says!

To which Johnny a true Legend from Bradford necked the fucking lot in front of landlord, I followed but started laughing and spraying the majority out of my nose, as Johnny looks at me and says "Rob its happening again look!" to which I see a small but getting larger piss patch on Johnny's chinos yup he stood there and pissed himself - I was laughing that much and thought it was so funny that I too pissed myself we were asked to clean it up and we just started laughing and told him to fuck off or we would knock him out!

ENTER bouncer grabs us both and he slips on pissy floor "You are barred both of you!" Shite beer and a shite pub - fucking good fun though!

Respect to the Legend Johnny Whelan apparently now in Bristol Prison for Rape!

Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire!
(Wed 6th Sep 2006, 11:27, More)

» Barred

It would suggest that you are indeed CRAZEE bet you still live at home with your mum you Fanny LOL!

I be the craziest thing you ever did was getting caught by your mum for tickling your dogs bollocks!

Grown up indeed!
(Wed 6th Sep 2006, 15:40, More)