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» Worst Nicknames Ever

He shit his pants...
A lad i knew was out one day playing 'manhunt'(The innocent version) in some nearby field with me and some other mates. Little that we knew, he was suffering from a bit of the shits. Anyway... The day goes on and eventually its his and another mate's time to chase us... so we all ran off and hid in the woods... and waited...and waited... Eventually we wondered what happened so we went to find out. We ran back and found his 'chase partner', who was laughing hysterically... and wouldn't tell us what had happened.
Soon enough we all caught a good strong wiff of shit in the air, and our brains suddenly clicked. He emerged from the bushes crying, with runny wet shit all down his leg and on his hands and shoe. He then asked us if we could borrow one of our mobile phones, to which we all replied "no" because of the shitty state his hands were in. Eventually his mother came and picked him up and cleaned him up with a towel.

Anyway..... thats the story now the nickname...

Next day at school... he comes into the classroom and nobody makes a noise, all you could hear were the odd crackles of laughter. Eventually some one had the nerve to make a load farting noise by blowing a rasberry on their arm, with the entire class following suit. (even the teacher laughed) He then broke down in tears, and didn't come to school for a few days, but every time he did we would always greet him with little a fart noise. We always tried to be creative and make slightly wet quiet farts that he wouldn't notice but everyone else would.

This was his nickname for the next few months before his parents quickly decided to move house to Skegness. Yes it was that bad they had to move.
(Tue 23rd May 2006, 18:22, More)