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» Crap meals out

A Warning Against Charity
My sister, brother-in-law and I were in an Italian restaurant in London having lunch. I forget what the restaurant is called, but no matter. As were escorted to our table we noticed a vagrant of some description [/upper class language] sitting in the corner of the restaurant, flicking through a magazine. Our table was, unfortunately, situated near the toilets. They must have recently been cleaned because there was a nasty disinfectant smell wafting into our noses before, during and after the meal.

Anyway, we get our food (which admittedly wasn't too bad) when the guy in the corner starts mumbling to himself. No, wait, not mumbling.. what's that word? Oh yeah, shouting. And as he began shouting gibberish, he got up from his seat, magazine in hand, and began staggering towards our table. He reached out to grab something from our table and began waving his magazine at us, still spouting gibberish, before any of the waiters thought maybe it was time to send him out, still talking to himself. As I said, the food was fine, but the experience has kind of put me off Italian food for a while.
(Mon 1st May 2006, 17:28, More)