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» Political Correctness Gone Mad

This really is an interesting QOTW.

We all seem to be leaning away from PCness but society as a whole DOESN'T. Why is this?

As an employee of a v. large corporation that is PC'd to the nines I've often noted that black / lesbian / disabled / whatever people can be complete cnuts as well and we're being just as patronising to them by not recognising the fact. Why can't I call a bloke in a wheelchair a wanker if a wanker is what he is?
(Sat 24th Nov 2007, 12:01, More)

» Terrible Parenting

I'm not going to write about my parent's continuous arguing and bitching or dad's (notice lack of caps) alcohol fuelled misery but I'm going to say that I'm glad (or disappointed?) that it seems that I'm not the only one that had a selfish fucker for a parent and that I hope that we, as the next generation, can learn not to be complete cunts to our kids just because we're bigger than them.

I'd like to say that I believe that my dad regrets his contemptable ways now but he's dead and prolly pissed anyway.

Fuck 'em all. Sorry, no joke to end it with.
(Mon 20th Aug 2007, 8:18, More)

» God

I suspect
that I, like most people, just want to be left alone and this is where organised/traditional religion trips up a bit.

Par exemple: if, ferinstance, I were a Hindu and my neighbour was a Jew. We would, in our own minds, both be set up for whatever we considered to be "Heaven" (or whatever).

Why would one neighbour's outcome be of any interest to the other? Why are some faiths insistent that everybody else should follow the same path that they have chosen?

MILLIONS of people have died because of this rather silly point: I may have bet on the wrong horse but it doesn't stop you from betting on the other...
(Mon 23rd Mar 2009, 9:07, More)

» Blood

Picture this...
A night on the town with a staggeringly (really!) beautiful Iranian student lovely.

Back to hers for what comes naturally to the young and uninhibited.

She was on top, me, my head on a pillow looking up in wonder at this angel.

I grasp her 'round the torso in a fit of passion to kiss her in our moment of peak pleasure...

...she, limp from the exertion gets dragged forward... and bursts her nose against the wall showering us both in her blood.

By George I was drunk. I actually laughed as the raven-haired beauty above me cluched at her face in horror.

Length? Pretty shrivelled after that, I can tell you...
(Sat 9th Aug 2008, 11:40, More)