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I am an ultra-niche-interest geek. I like:
Physics (of the awesome, cosmological variety), Music (of the obscure, Renaissance/Baroque variety), Computers (of the obsessive, GNU/Linux/Emacs/Freeciv-loving variety).

I am a:

See my website at Ugnus.uk.eu.org
and also my blog.

.. (.)

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» Vomit Pt2

Not me, but my sister
Sitting right at the back of the Royal Albert Hall, almost at the top...
In the middle of a poignant harp solo.....
The vomit rushed downwards, down onto the next row, and the next one after that.
Caused quite a stir!
(Fri 8th Jan 2010, 1:39, More)

» Bullies

Bullying was somewhat awful for me.
Well, it was nothing compared to some posters, but my problem was this:
My surname rhymed, and will always rhyme, with "willy".

Cue 2-3 years of an obligatory cry of (crikey, I have to reveal my real name. The shame!) "Edward Lilley has no willy!", whenever I was passed in the corridor/playground/&c.

This eventually transmogrified into a more *ahem* subtle: "Edward Lilley has no.....LEG!"

Some of the chanting was quite innovative however:

"Edward Lilley rubs his...leg."

"Edward Lilley lost his...leg."

"Edward Lilley ate his...leg."

And yes, this continued until I was at least 13 years old (fortunately, I wasn't *quite* the most unpopular person in the year, and had a few friends to...umm..."support" me.)
(Mon 18th May 2009, 20:22, More)

» I'm your biggest Fan

Hawking Flyby
One Summer afternoon in 2005-ish, I was walking down the backs in Cambridge, along with a troop of fellow choristers (wearing silly, "traditional" clothes and walking in a line two abreast... some people from Cambridge will know what I mean). All of a sudden we hear the whine of an electric wheelchair behind us, and none other than Professor Hawking himself trundles along side us. In the stunned silence, his machine simply says one word: "Yes."

And then he leaves.

Also I shook his hand once... it was really cold and limp, unsurprisingly.
(Tue 21st Apr 2009, 2:26, More)

» DIY Techno-hacks

Secret Agent Ipod headphones
A short while ago, I was boredly sitting around, when I chanced upon a gift from ancient childhood - it was every 11 year old boy's dream: Secret Agent Listening Device. My mind wandered to what actually was behind the brightly coloured plastic casing (purple and spherical in the case of the receiver, and oblong and elongated for the receiver), and I set to work on the familiar task of bashing something up until I can see its insides*.

It turned out it was merely a one-way walky-talky, with absolutely simplistic electronics. Next step: wireless ipod headphones!

Here is a lovely picture:
(note the exemplary use of blue tac. There is no proper case for them yet, and the sound is a bit crackly. I snipped the jack off a pair of old headphones)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

* Nothing is safe from me in this regard - as soon as I saw this QOTW, I grabbed the nearest dead hard drive (several small furry docile ones live in my bedroom, but sometimes I kick them and they die) and set about turning its platter into a coaster.
(Wed 26th Aug 2009, 0:26, More)

» Festivals

Does this fit in?
I once sang in a festival of Renaissance choral music in Stuttgart.

*gets coat
(Thu 4th Jun 2009, 23:57, More)
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