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(Wed 26th Mar 2008, 22:12, More)

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» Evil Pranks

Try this, it's simple
When your mate goes to the toilet and leaves his mobile on the table, go to the entry in his address book for his girlfreind or wife, and change the number for your own.

Then the world's your oyster. You can have text sex with him or maybe send something like "Dave (if that's your friends name) is out with his mates so come round, i'm horny"

when he's wound up he'll try to ring her and your phone will ring.
(Sat 15th Dec 2007, 21:37, More)

» Best Graffiti Ever

On the wall of a public toilet cubicle
"Don't beam me up now Scottie, I'm having a Shi..,¸¸,ø¤"

(I tried to re-create the way the pen line kind of curved upwards then disappeared but it's hard to do)
(Tue 8th May 2007, 15:37, More)