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» School Trips

A terrible tale
I once went to Chessington: World of Adventures with my school.

It was 6 years ago now, and I've put it all behind me. But sometimes I still have nightmares...
(Fri 8th Dec 2006, 10:12, More)

» Heckles

Feckles Heckles Hackles Shmeckles
My girlfriend and I were watching tolerable Historic "Epic" King Arthur. The Saxons, or the Normans, or the Vikings, or the... whatever they were. Bald evil people. Anyway, they were quabbling amongst themselves. The leader of the "invasion" is arguing with his son, who's just made a bit of a cock-up. Where he would have normally killed another soldier, he spares his son's life. This, apparently, offends his son trmendously, who proceeds to stab a fellow soldier through the chest with his sword.

The tension mounts. Silence. And then my girlfriend says, in her best Old Lady voice, "There's no need for that!"

For some reason, this was hilarious.
(Tue 11th Apr 2006, 13:39, More)

» School Trips

I am reminded of another school trip...
Frankspencer has reminded me that I once visited a church with my school for RE (at least I think it was RE). It was a bit of a journey, but after several minutes we had finally arrived at the church.

It was next door. Naturally, we'd walked. I still recall having to get my mum to sign a permission slip, though.
(Mon 11th Dec 2006, 14:44, More)

» Beautiful but Bonkers

I am fortunate enough...
...to have never gone out with a crazy person.

That said, my last girlfriend thought that losing a game of Tetris against me merited curling up on the bed and sobbing for half an hour. What's worse is that I apologised for winning.
(Fri 17th Nov 2006, 18:03, More)

» Dentists

A healthy black sheen
My personal rule of only having to go to a Dentist whenever it's my eighth birthday has so far been very successful. I've not had to go to the dentists in about 13 years.
(Thu 9th Nov 2006, 12:46, More)
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