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Football Fun
I travelled away with Swansea up to Bristol Rovers a couple of years ago, first half comes and goes and at half time the standard 'entertainment' begins.

This was as normal, kids doing penalty shoot outs and the like. Well, the local radio dj or whoever who was commentating on all this pulls one kid out of the penalty takers and the following exchange occurs.

DJ Man "This here is little Jimmy and Jimmy is very special, how many brothers and sisters do you have Jimmy?"

Jimmy "Seven"

DJ Man "Seven! And what football team do they support?"

Jimmy "Bristol City"

(Loud Boos from Rovers fans)

DJ Man " And who do your mum and dad support?"

Jimmy "City"

(Again, loud boos)

DJ Man " and who do YOU support Jimmy?"

Jimmy "Rovers"

(Loud cheers from home support)

DJ Man "Well! Do you know what tells us all here at Bristol Rovers about you Jimmy?"

Jimmy "No"

And at this moment a Swansea fan yells from the away terrace.....

"You're f***ing adopted!"


Oh yeah, POP!
(Wed 12th Apr 2006, 9:56, More)